Principal's Message


Dear Students, Staff and Parents,



I am immensely privileged and proud to join the Gandhi Memorial International School, Bali as its Principal. In the coming months and years I will ensure that we provide a safe, supportive, creative and nurturing environment for all our students to develop into responsible, caring and contented citizens of the world.


I believe that every child is unique and has a talent and skill. My first commitment is to ensure that every child gets the learning environment for those talents and skills to be identified, nurtured and nourished. Through rigorous but stimulating academic programmes of the school, the extracurricular activities, innovative morning assemblies and personalized, customized instruction, our exceptional teaching and support staff will make certain that the potential of each child is recognized and supplemented to unparalleled heights. High standards, expectations and performance in all aspects of school life are the goals of our school and as the principal I will provide the leadership necessary to implement an educational system that assures excellence.


To enable our students to grow into well rounded, balanced and committed individuals, parents’ support is a prerequisite. I believe in working in coalition with the parents. Their input, contribution to and participation in school life strengthens the system. Not only the role of the family, but the role of the wider community is critical in fostering in children a shared sense of commitment towards creating a better world. Our vibrant Community and Service programme is a two-way channel that meaningfully engages our students in its welfare while enabling them to learn from its experience.


The words of Mahatma Gandhi, “By education I mean an all-round drawing out of the best in the child and man—body, mind and spirit” are quintessential in reaffirming the objectives of holistic education. As the Gandhi Memorial International School draws inspiration from this timeless citation, let us collaboratively create such a learning environment.