Non - Refundable

Rp. 56,000,000.00
Rp. 56,000,000.00
Rp. 56,000,000.00
Grade 1
Rp. 75,000,000.00
Grade 2
Rp. 75,000,000.00
Grade 3
Rp. 75,000,000.00
Grade 4
Rp. 75,000,000.00
Grade 5
Rp. 75,000,000.00
Grade 6
Rp. 98,000,000.00
Grade 7
Rp. 98,000,000.00
Grade 8
Rp. 98,000,000.00
Grade 9
Rp. 120,000,000.00
Grade 10
Rp. 120,000,000.00
Grade 11
Rp. 130,000,000.00
Grade 12
Rp. 130,000,000.00
                                                                           *March 2020




1. Fee :

·         All the payments in Indonesian Rupiah.

·         The fee is per annum and once paid are neither refundable nor transferable.


2. Payments :

·       Once the student is accepted for admission they are required to pay the Fee immediately

·       All fees are charged TERM WISE. Students who leave school before the end of a term are required to pay the full term fees.

·       All fees are to be paid by the due date before a new student attends school or a new term begins.

·       Charges of 5% of the amount due will be applicable if payment is late more than thirty days.

·       Text Books, Notebooks and Uniform charges are not included in the School Fees and are charged separately in rupiah, available from Store.

·       All bank charges are the responsibility of the payer (Administration fee: credit card and foreign debit card: 2.05 %, BNI Debit Card: 0.20 % & other Debit Card: 1.05 %).


3. Payment Plans :

·       Full Payment: Under this plan, the entire amount of the annual fees is paid in advance before the start of the first term.

·      Term Wise: Under this plan, half of the total annual Fees are paid before the start of the term and the balance of the school fees is to be paid before the commencement of the second term.

·   Installments: A special payment plan consisting of monthly Installments may be granted upon request. The Installment Plan must be submitted in writing and signed by the parent/guardian on the format available from the Accounts Office before it can be sent to Jakarta for approval.  A maximum of 5 times (installments) is allowed with approval from management.


4. Discounts :

·      3% discount on school fees if fully paid, for the school year by July 31.

·     Sibling discounts are available for those who have more than one child enrolled in GMIS at any one time; 5% for the 2nd child; 15% for the 3rd and 20% for the 4th.  This discount is only applied for the youngest child.

·      50% early bid discount for pre-primary students (Nursery, KG, Prep).