Admissions Policy


Gandhi Memorial International School aims to embrace students of many different nationalities, races, creeds and abilities. Presently our student body, (with ages ranging from three years to eighteen years old) represents 28 individual countries with the majority of students being from mixed race and ethnic backgrounds as befits a truly international school.


You may download the admissions policy Download PDF Admission Policy .


Admission Details

School Terms


The school has two terms:
First Term: August to December.

Second Term: January to June.


School Timings - (Classes run from Monday – Friday)

  1. Preschool (Nursery, KG and Preparatory): 9.00 am to 12.30 pm
  2. Grade 1 - 5 : 8.00 am to 2.30 pm
  3. Grade 6 - 12 : 8.00 am to 2.50 pm

Admission Procedure


Admission to GMIS is open anytime on Principal’s recommendation and is dependent on seat availability. Parents are welcome to visit the School and meet with the Principal (ring Reception at Tel: 0361-239746/239747 for an appointment). Any prospective student is also invited to access our comprehensive website including being able to download the school’s Admission Forms.


  • Applicants sit for an Entrance Test and subsequently have an interview with the Principal; the test is an English and Mathematics Assessment and takes about half an hour. The Entrance Test helps to determine what level the student is at the time of admission and the results are informed to the subject teachers so that any required help can be provided to the student.
  • Once admission has been confirmed, applicants meet the Administrative Manager to discuss financial terms.
  • Applicants then submit the completed Admission Form to Reception along with all documents as required (Documents: In addition to comprehensive health screening and visa/ID checking, the two important documents for admission are the Transfer/Clearance Certificate from the previous school and the student’s Report Cards for the past 3 years.)
  • Thereafter, payment of Admission and Enrolment Fees and Security Deposit may be made prior to the applicant enrolling.
  • Uniforms, text books and exercise books are then available from the School Store.


You may contact the school directly for further details and Admission Form or download Download PDF Admission Form .


Recommended ages for class placement



Nursery – for children aged three
Kindergarten – for children aged four
Prep – for children aged five



Middle School (Grades 6 – 8)


Grade Six – eleven years old
Grade Seven – twelve years old
Grade Eight – thirteen years old

Grade Nine – fourteen years old
Grade Ten – fifteen years old



Primary (Grades 1 – 5)


Grade One – six years old
Grade Two – seven years old
Grade Three – eight years old
Grade Four – nine years old
Grade Five – ten years old

Secondary School (Grades 11 – 12)


Grade Eleven – sixteen years old

Grade Twelve – seventeen years old



Our campus is mostly wheelchair accessible. We regret that we cannot accept students with severe physical or learning disabilities.


Special Programmes

In addition to our many extra-curricular activities, we also have an integrated English Immersion Programme designed to ease the foreign language speaker into the mainstream curricula without undue pressure.


GMIS may not accept applicants when/if:


  • After  meeting with the Principal it is determined that the child would not be able to function optimally in the school because of any severe physical/behavioural disability
  • The applicant has NOT provided the necessary documentation
  • The School has no seat available within the year group