Language Policy



The purpose of this document is to inform teaching and learning in the classroom. to guide curriculum and to involve the whole school community in our doal to educate children in an internationally minded environment. This document outlines the philosophy and practice of language instruction at GMIS - Bali and demonstrates how GMIS-Bali supports student's acquisition of our language of instruction (English) and our host country Language (Bahasa Indonesia). It also shows how GMIS-Bali supports continued use of student's mother tongue (the language spoken at home).

The School has provision to offer English Intensive Classes for new students who are new to english which is the medium of instruction.



In GMIS-Bali we believe that


  • All teachers are language teachers
  • The school should provide support to students who require to develop a level of proficiency in the medium of instruction through Intensive English Classes.
  • Language is a primary means of learning and communicating.
  • Language acquisition is to be promoted as a partnership between all members of our community including parents, students, teachers and non-teaching staff
  • Mother tongue language help form cultural and personal identify and should be respected and supported.
  • The shared experience of learning language creates cohesion among students from diverse backgrounds and promotes international-mindedness.
  • Learning world languages is an integral part of becoming a global citizen


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